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Heckman Homes are “Green” Homes 

In June 2010, Heckaman Homes was certified as a "GREEN" Capable manufacturer by TRA Certification, an independent third party certification and inspection firm, based in Elkhart, Indiana.  By utilizing manufacturing materials and assembly processes that have been verified by TRA to be environmentally friendly, Heckaman Homes joins with other industry leaders by backing up its green claims.


  What does “Green” really mean?


Green is the result of a process using effective production techniques in combination with resource efficient and healthy materials to create products that satisfy consumer needs with minimal environmental impact.  The categories listed below help determine how “green” a process and product really are.


Resource Efficiency:

Factors include the use of sustainable materials, waste reduction, recycling and reuse of materials.  Wasted or inefficient use of resources equals lost profits.  Lean manufacturing and environmental management systems can produce customer satisfaction and improve the bottom line.


Indoor Environmental Quality:

Being green also means strong attention to indoor air quality.  Important factors include:  ventilation, volatile organic compounds (VOC) content in carpet, hard flooring, adhesive, sealants, cabinets, and insulation.


Operation & Maintenance:

Green certification by TRA acknowledges that a green assembly is only truly green if the owners use the green features to their maximum effect.  Manufacturers are encouraged to not only use green processes and materials, but also to educate owners on their proper use of the structure.


Energy Efficiency:

A positive energy strategy includes monitoring, design, construction, and appliances.  Renewable and clean sources of energy generated on or off-site, are important factors in the green process.


Water Efficiency:

The major goal is the smart use of water.  Water reduction is typically achieved through more efficient appliances and fixtures.


Innovative Practices:

Manufacturers can achieve significantly higher TRA Certification ratings through new and innovative practices that increase green capability and performance. 

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